How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money on Ads

Many businesses successfully achieve the goal of having a high amount of traffic on their websites. However, the problems start occurring when the website is not optimized well enough for a high number of conversions. Therefore, investing in ads is a complete waste of money for many businesses, if their websites are not well optimized for conversions.

Luckily, there is always a way of increasing your conversion rates and getting more people to use your service without an additional investment in ads. Creating a funnel is essential, and more importantly, it should be performed before you start experiencing a high amount of traffic on your website. These are some of the points that you have to cover if you are looking for a way to attract a higher number of users.

Create a user-friendly funnel

Creating a funnel that will lead to new customers is a challenging experience, as there are many steps to be taken.

  • Increasing volume of visitors – Attracting visitors to your website without any advertising includes having an aggressive content marketing approach. The content needs to be unique and offer valuable information to your visitors.
  • Have clear objectives – When it comes to landing pages, it is essential that you are as straightforward as possible in order to let the user know what you want for them to do. When the visitor is on the website, it is important for him or her to know what the next step is, and this makes it crucial to make certain elements of the page prominent. Make sure to include buttons for trial offers, signups and purchases stand out from the rest of the page. People will notice them more easily and are more likely to click on them, resulting in higher conversions.
  • The email list – Establishing an email list is going to give you the chance to send free content to your visitors. The emails are going to contain valuable information, but also directions to a variety of landing pages for the services you are offering.

Establishing this type of funnel is a basic step for every business out there and it takes a lot of time. However, it only comes down to a time investment, which is why it is so valuable.

Even though many businesses tend to successfully create these types of funnels, the problems start to appear with conversion rates that are quite low. This is why it is important to take several other steps, to ensure that more people are going to buy the service from you.

Test variety of elements on your page

A good thing about any type of digital marketing approach is that everything is measurable. This creates a lot of room for flexibility and testing a variety of factors affecting the conversion rates.

  • Calls to action – Experimenting with calls to action is a great way to increase conversion rates. Different expressions and colors affect people differently. The “Buy Now” expression is more direct and off-putting than “Add to Cart”. These small things can significantly affect conversion rates. For example, the people behind Contently have made their whole website a landing page with a prominent “Try for free button”. The website is designed to help the visitor understand all of the features and options, while the call to action button is present on every page they visit.
  • Page Layout – This is something you can test and edit to a great extent. Having enough content to make the user understand what you are offering is the key part of every landing page. However, it is important to stay concise so that you don’t confuse the visitor. Additionally, different colors affect people in different ways, so consider coloring the call to action button differently so it stands out. Test different background images and the location of the content and call to action button. All these things will affect conversion rates differently.
  • Give more options – When the visitor ends up at your landing page, he might not still be willing to make the purchase. You need to implement other elements that will give more choice to him or her. For example, include “Try a free trial” button or a “Learn More” button that is going to show them a video with additional content. Watch the metrics and see how each of these buttons are performing.

Tweaking your landing page is necessary if you are looking for a way to create one that will actually get users to use your services; testing is one of the best methods and should be performed continually, as it is always possible to improve your conversion rates.

The value of your offer

It is necessary to let the visitor know why they should pick you and not go for the competition. The best way to achieve this is to specifically stress a feature that clearly makes your service better than what the competition has to offer. Furthermore, all this information should be contained in a single sentence, which is going to help you stay concise with the content on your landing page.

To back the claim, quote the experience of your customers with this specific feature.

For example, Google’s apps for business page is full of variety of features that come with their apps. Additionally, they are stressing the element of positive co-working atmosphere which is presented with various images of people with smiles on their faces. In comparison with competition, Google has switched its focus not to the software product, but the people who are going to use it.

Establishing trust

One of the main reasons why people tend to walk away from online offers is the element of trust. Establishing trust on a single landing page is hard but possible to achieve. There are a few steps that you can take to increase your authority and level of trust immediately:

  • Testimonials – Use images, quotes or publications from well-know resources. Additionally, include links to these pages to increase the trust factor.
  • Address – Include an address and contact information at the bottom of your page. This is going to show that there is an actual company standing behind all the claims. Additionally, including online contact information is also going to affect the amount of trust that your visitors are going to have.
  • Collaboration – Include a short list of companies you are currently collaborating with, and pick the best ones for increased authority.

It is necessary to focus on the customer trust factor, because it directly affects the success of your business in the long run. It will not only motivate the person to buy from you, it is also going to make him or her come back in the future. For example, Dropbox features all the major companies they are collaborating with on their landing page. Additionally, it is possible for the customer to take a look at the Gartner Report, where they are presented as leaders in their field of operation. After reviewing their landing page, any customer is going to be certain that this company is offering excellent services and that they are truly professional.

Continually optimizing your webpages for higher conversion rates is an essential part of any modern business growth strategy. Once you have a great sales funnel, ensure, with the abovementioned steps, that your pages are going to have higher conversion rates; it will skyrocket your profit margins.